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Daniel Guérin: Struggling for freedom and against all forms of oppression

This website is about the life and works of Daniel Guérin, a leading far-left figure in France in the 20th century, and the initiatives about him, both online and offline. It was designed by activists, researchers and members of Daniel Guérin's family. It is dedicated to all those who wish to continue Daniel Guérin's struggles either through reflection or through action.


  • "Rejecting ‘all the faces of subjugation’: Daniel Guérin on direct democracy, self-management and individual autonomy" - An article by Prof. David Berry in Journal of Political Ideologies (July 2019) Read the article Read more

  • Celebration of the 30th anniversary of Guérin's death, 7 April 2018: This event, held in Paris, involved activists, friends and relatives of Daniel Guérin as well as publishers of his books. Among the topics discussed: anti-colonialism; libertarian communisam; sexuality; Daniel Guérin as an historian. Read the report in French language or watch a short video

  • "Anarchism" now available in Korean (November 2017) - The translation, published by Gallimard, includes Noam Chomsky's introduction.

  • "For a Libertarian Communism" now available in English (2017) - PM Press, a young, Oakland, CA-based publishing house, offers a collection of essay written between the 1950s and 1980s for the first time in English Read more

  • David Berry's research paper on "The roots of Daniel Guérin’s revolutionary socialism" (November 2014). Read the article

  • Republication of "Fascisme et grand capital" (November 2014) - The most complete edition to date (in French language). Read more

  • Republication of "Front Populaire, révolution manquée" (October 2013) - A “true classic of the social history of the 20th century” according to the publisher, Agone (in French language). Read more

  • Republication of "Bourgeois et bras-nus" (April 2013) - The publisher Libertalia has provided an extended preface by Claude Guillon, as well as essential extracts from "La Révolution déjacobinisée." (in French language) Read more

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